Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life.... and New Photography!

Hey! I Haven't Updated in forever! This is just going to be quick cause im waiting for the shower.... but i wanted to post some new photography from thanks giving and say, im so thankful for thanksgiving!!!! I LOVE thanksgiving and I love Christmas Decor! I am thankful for so much, Friends, Family, Blessings, Gospel, Art (in all its forms) opportunity, there simply is no way to make a list! I love my real friends, especially now that im starting to realize who they are. Light shines through art.... like the musical I auditioned for today... the travel experiences in my near future.... the song i am writing and hope to post here soon... and this photography. so here we go.... :D

"take one wrong step and realise just how frigile the world is"


"no Rain"

"un Ber Ella"




"Freedom tied"

"Stepping Stones"


"I shoot People"

"kisses on the forehead"


"crazy Girl"


well, hes out of the shower, so thats all for now.... a random few of many
Look around here :

and ive added a ton of new albums on Facebook lately if your interested, i just havent published them to my page.... but they are they

Well, goodbye friends. love you all :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its a Sisters Thing.... you wouldn't understand

Alright, lemmies just let it off my chest that i have, so far, had a NASTY Fall Break!!! But i dont want to go off on that now. if you really care, ask me. but one reason its been nasty is I got myself really sick being the stupid person I am and have been stuck in my house for a whole week now without any friends or fun.... just bordum.... let me tell you its been depressing and lonely....

So today (sunday) I about had enough with sulking and feeling alone. Im So blessed to have a sister.... I love Her Dearly.... I may not always be the best for her, But I Hope she can look up to me sometimes... and that she knows how much I care for her.

Ive been too busy lately to really bond with her... so we took this sunday to have alittle much needed fun.

Im turning 17 this week.... life is going to start changeing.... rapidly....

To be honest, Im scared silly... I guess my Biggest fear in life has always been that I dont have a future better than this (wow... i cant believe im actually posting this) or that i wont be adequt when the time comes that i need to be

If i could get one wish, I want my life to be filled with moments like these....

Not stress, or lonelyness, or growingup, or worries

Just Love, and Friendship, and Fun....

Dear Cami... I love you and the time we spend together.... Im going to get old soon.... but these moments will stay young in my heart and memorie.... and they will make being old ok..... for that i owe you so much.... your going to be old someday to.... please, learn from my mistakes so you dont have to make them... and love life.... and I only wish I will make some impact in your life.... -McKenna... P.S. thanks for not making me an only girl

So we got out the paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

We painted a Halloween cat.... Cami called it lucky... she came up with the name all by herself! no joke... shes so creative. it made me laugh

and we painted ourselves

Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown

and took a ton of piceratures

Im really Glad I begged Dad for a SISTER! :D ♥

You can kid the world. But not your sister. ~Charlotte Gray

It's hard to be responsible, adult and sensible all the time. How good it is to have a sister whose heart is as young as your own. ~Pam Brown

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photography :D

here aa slide show Ive been meaning to share, this is some of my phtography. some of it is pretty old, and some new. enjoy!

Friday, July 31, 2009


So, because school started wednesday, and im extreamly depressed over it i want to tell you alittle about my summer and my new scedule this year.

This summer was hectic and amazing!!! The first few weeks were my chillaxing and preparing weeks. It was practically the only time i had to relax, and i enjoyed it very much. I went on an awesome date with Brandon <3 to see a show (Guys and Dolls) and the next day had to leave... which was bittersweet because i was on my way to HAWAII :)

My Brother Michael and I spent 9 days visiting our grandparents in Hawaii. we got an awesome oppertunity and saw some amazing things!!! I also got eatten alive by mosqitos which i am extreamly allergic too.... yeah. Hawaii is Beautiful,paradise, just as they say (minus mosquitos and noisy frogs that keep you up all night)

AFter I got home from Hawaii, I had one day to unpack, repack, and rest off some jet lag before, the next I left again for girls Camp! :) Girls Camp was a Blast, So Uplifting(as always). truely a great experiance!

Last but certainly not least, The day after i got back from girls camp I meet my awesome thespian friends bright and early for Leadership Camp!!!!! Wow! what fun! We had an amzing few days up in the nice weather @ camp Shadow Pines. we won the Sing For Your Supper Award and our troupe president was elected captin thespian for AZ! this was truly a FUN camp where i grew in my leadership skills and grew alot closer to my thespian troup which i am a part of this school year.

after that i got a few weeks of chillaxing. went on a few great dates, hung out with a few frinds. pretty much had an amazing time, dispite the vally heat!

But the end snuck up all too soon... and now schools back in session. ((shudder))
Im excited to be seeing all my old friends again and im super excited and nervous for we are getting RIGHT back into shows and auditions for our spring show -> much ado about Nothing, is already less than a week away... yikes! this will be a fun show. its an extreamly witty and funny, and its shakephere... my first full shakephere show, i cant wait to have the experiance of doing his work on my shoulders (if i get in, of course)

my scedule this year is, fair... i guess.... i hate not having freedom and being forced to do things... but its not my worst scedule. it is as follows : 0hr, English 11 -1hr, French one :( -2hr, Chem -3hr seminary -4hr, pre calc -LUNCH!!!! -5th hour US/AZ history and -6hr (drum roll please) ThEaTuRe!!!

so,to summerize:

summer = Chilaxing + dates + Hawaii + Girls camp + Thespian Camp + STINKIN AMAZING

School = ((tears)) + oppression + scedule + depression... but on the bright side Friends and Theature :/

Thats my update... peace!

-Love Kenna

Saturday, June 6, 2009

fun fun fun :)

So, I haven't posted in a while... and im not going to try and fill you in on everything that has happened because im not sure if you even care and if you do... you can ask me and it will be easier LOL! <3 you all :P

Anyway.... for the highlights(i can @ least give you that)...
I am now a junior!!! scary huh? and um... im going on a trip to hawaii soon...and im super excited for thespians camp. summer is awesome!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, Me and some of my good friends;Keara Miller, Mason, and of course my boyfriend Brandon (who is AUH MAZE ING!!!!) made this video a week or so ago... its awesome... watch it! and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beauty and the Beast!!!

Four months, 6 show, SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Our production of Beauty and the Beast Was DA BOMB!!!! I had the funnest time during this show!!! Ive Learned SO much and have made/strengthend some wonderful friendships!!!!!

I played the part of a female villager(the bakers wife, Marie Backersom/ Calandars :P) It was a blast learning cheoragraphy, developing my character, helping with backstage (when needed) and watching everything tun into a spectacular show!!!

Ive defeniatly made some unique memories during this show... (including getting asked to LDS prom this weekend by a really great friend in the cast, I'll be sure to blog it afterwards, It will be SUPER fun!)

it may very well be my favorite show so far! Our Directors, Volenteers, actors were amazing!!! I hope most of you got to see it!!! It is horrible it had to end... :( A special thanks goes our to everyone who made this possible!!!!!! I wouldnt trade this experiance for the world!!!

Tale and old as Time, Song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast!!! Ahhhh Ahhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tag, ur it!!!

This is kinda fun....

The Rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog.

2. Write six random things about yourself that not everyone knows.

3. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

4. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

5. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Here are six random things about me (that you may not know) :

1. Mint upsets my stomach, bad. (which is odd because mint is often used to settle stomachs)

2. I was born missing a rib in my left side. There are 12 main ribs (6 on each side) and I have only 11.

3. I’ve had all four of the main hair colors. (I was born with black hair, it turned bright red, then it turned VERY blond, and finally became brown. It never fell out just changed. Proof? :

4. I know who is walking through my house by the sound of their footsteps. (Including the cats)

5. My mom has an ultrasound of me clenching my toes together like a monkey, kinda creepy, huh?

6. The corneas on my eyes are flat instead of round, hence why, even though I’m nearsighted, I don’t wear contacts. (And glasses are icky on me)

It’s harder than it looks.
I will tag (this isnt hard because there are really only six people who read this)

Sister Woods
Pieripper studios
Sister Spencer
Lola! &

You dont HAVE to do it if you really dont want to. But it's not that difficult. :P

Now it's your turn. Have fun.

♥ McKenna☺